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It's Diamond Clean's powerful, truck-mounted cleaning system that makes the difference. Your residential and commercial carpets and floors are cleaned with state-of-the-art equipment. All of your cleaning is done with this truck-mounted system, rather than the portable machines that are frequently used on the market today.


This process allows deep and thorough cleaning, with a minimal amount of water, so your drying time is short as possible. Your carpet cleaning includes as a standard procedure, pretreatment and scrubbing, prior to the hot water extraction. Also, special attention is paid to stains and pet issues.


Proudly, Diamond Clean has been able to restore many carpets that were slated to be replaced. Call 541-754-0360 for a FREE estimate and appointment.

Our additional carpet and flooring services include:

Carpet and Flooring Specialist

Get your carpets looking like new

• Carpet restoration

• Carpet repair

• Urine detection, treatment,

  and flushing

• Deodorization (pet odors, etc.)

• Removal of stains, grease,

  gum, etc.

• Vinyl cleaning

• Tile and grout cleaning

• Laminate cleaning

• Emergency water extraction

• Many more services

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